Opinion Poll (by Jesse Smith)

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Opinion Poll (by Jesse Smith)

Post by kjm007 » Mon Mar 16, 2020 1:24 am

Position of your distro on the PHR chart
In our Questions and Answers column we discussed the page hit ranking (PHR) chart which appears on the DistroWatch front page. The chart provides an indication of how many people are visiting each project's information page and can serve as a rough indication of which projects are drawing attention, often due to new releases or interesting features.

We would like to know roughly where your main distribution is on the PHR chart. Are you using something near the top of the list, a less-known project, something that is not even in our top 100 yet?

You can see the results of our previous poll on sharing a home directory between distributions in last week's edition. All previous poll results can be found in our poll archives.

Position of your distro on the PHR chart

1-5: 44 (51%)
6-10: 7 (8%)
11-25: 7 (8%)
26-50: 20 (23%)
51-100: 5 (6%)
Not in the top 100 but on DistroWatch: 3 (3%)
An OS not listed on DistroWatch: 0 (0%)

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