i3 4.18 released

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i3 4.18 released

Post by DistroTube » Wed Feb 19, 2020 3:32 pm

For those of you on rolling systems, a new i3 version is out:

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 │ Release notes for i3 v4.18 │

This is i3 v4.18. This version is considered stable. All users of i3 are
strongly encouraged to upgrade.

 │ Changes in i3 v4.18        │

  • docs/ipc: document fullscreen_mode in GET_TREE reply
  • docs/ipc: document marks field in GET_TREE reply
  • docs/ipc: document window_type in GET_TREE reply
  • docs/ipc: improve documentation for window_properties
  • docs/userguide: clarify commands/config directive wording
  • layout saving: remanage window after property updates (e.g. titles)
  • get_first_output: prefer primary output (e.g. when moving disabled outputs)
  • ipc: add window_type to nodes
  • ipc: add container id to nodes
  • allow dragging active titles for all container types (e.g. floating+tabbed)
  • allow dragging inactive titles after a 10px threshold
  • make tray icon order deterministic (sorted by class/instance)
  • implement focus next|prev
  • implement focus next|prev sibling
  • implement focus_wrapping workspace
  • exit with exit code 0 on --help
  • exec command: respect command criteria

 │ Bugfixes                   │

  • build: fix lcov support
  • build: use AC_REPLACE_FUNCS, drop bundled memmem
  • build: fix building with -fno-common (for gcc 10)
  • build: configure: deal with git worktree checkouts, where .git is a file
  • docs/userguide: fix link to pango markup
  • docs/userguide: add missing manipulating_layout anchor
  • docs/userguide: fix IPC socket location
  • i3-nagbar: make debug log visible
  • i3-nagbar: fix small memory leaks
  • i3bar: fix small memory leaks
  • move workspace to output: don’t create duplicate numbered workspace
  • correctly select output when pointer query fails
  • fix moving windows to scratchpad when using marks
  • fix startup workspace selection when workspace command uses options
  • do not try to center floating window on itself (fixes xterm placement)
  • fix “move window to <mark>” when target is a workspace
  • correctly activate windows behind a fullscreen window
  • fix back-and-forth after renaming workspaces
  • keep focus when moving container to marked workspace
  • do not show scratchpad windows upon move to position command
  • reparent windows to their current position when unmanaging
    (fixes dock clients unexpectedly moving to different output)
  • fix crash when moving containers
  • scratchpad_move: un-fullscreen correct container
  • avoid crash when nc->window is NULL

 │ Thanks!                    │

Thanks for testing, bugfixes, discussions and everything I forgot go out to:

  acheronfail, Albert Safin, Antoine, Benjamin Dopplinger, Brian Ashworth,
  Damien Cassou, Daniele Varrazzo, David Shen, Erwin J. van Eijk, Ingo Bürk,
  Iskustvo, izzel, Konst Mayer, Orestis Floros, Yury Ignatev

-- Michael Stapelberg, 2020-02-17
You can also get packages for i3 from their website: https://i3wm.org/

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