Sway DT Test

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Sway DT Test

Post by raven2cz » Sun Jul 26, 2020 10:44 am

Hello Derek,

your youtube channel is best ;-) I like many your videos. I used several years kde and gnome, but after your videos I switched to tiling WM. I'm using qtile and i3 half year. I know that you are big enthusiast to xmonad. I have no time to test it yet and haskell is challenge...

I was on lecture in prague about sway (wayland, i3 compatible). It's seems that wayland is usable in this year against previous years.
Do you plan to test sway in your channel too?

In addition, I found new project, which is maybe "dead", chamferwm which is built on vulcan (xorg). But I cannot compile it...

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