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Second build, this time a Gigabyte X570

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:50 pm
by kaptain_zero
A hefty tax return this year left me with some spare cash, so I decided to build another computer (I have one downstairs and one upstairs) and this time, I wanted a bit more than what the MSI Tomahawk could provide so I bought a GIGABYTE X570 AORUS ELITE that gave me more connectors for things like USB C on the front panel and such. I also went with an R9 3900x and the end result is exactly what I hoped for. Everything works on the board, all the drivers are in the kernel supplied in Manjaro. The old computer it replaced was transcoding in Handbrake at around 80 fps, the R9 pushes that to well over 400 fps.

A bad RX 580 card and a dead card reader that I built into the case (I reused it from my junk pile, but it should have been thrown out and not in the pile for reuse) caused some head scratching and grief, but I got it sorted out. The RX 580 was pinned to 100% GPU cycles even though it wasn't doing anything. Radeon-Profile let me take a picture of it sitting at idle showing the 100% usage at idle when it should be 0% and the seller just swapped it out for another new card. I must say I'm quite pleased with the results using the opensource driver vs all my Nvidia cards of the past where you HAD to install the closed Nvidia drivers if you wanted to have any acceleration at all.

My only gripe with the Gigabyte board is that in bios, there is a setting for extreme boot. Don't ever enable that..... bloody thing does not initialise the keyboard until the OS is booted up. You can't interact with the grub screen, nor can you hit DEL to bring up the bios... I had to wipe CMOS to be able to get back into the bios to change some other settings. I also have 4 bootable drives in my computer running various OSs..... That way, I can distro hop and test on bare metal installs, plus even if my main OS drive fails, I can just boot to one of the other drives and keep on going until I get it fixed.

I just hate having a dead box that I have to fix NOW, just to get online..... Sure, other things can go wrong, but I've found over the years that the most unreliable part of a computer is it's hard disk, well so far anyway.