What method/tools do you use to do backups?

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Re: What method/tools do you use to do backups?

Post by kaptain_zero » Wed Feb 05, 2020 6:32 am

I have used a variety of methods, but it's hard to beat a full backup with clonezilla. Once a month I just plug in a usb stick, boot to it and create an image of my drive. I then move that image to my NAS and I keep the last 3 images in a folder. No matter what happens, I can restore the image in a matter of an hour or two and it's like nothing ever happened. Granted, I have 3 SSDs in my computer, each with it's own OS and if my primary fails, I can instantly boot into one of the secondary installs and carry on. Of course, mechanical failures need to be repaired first, but that would apply to *any* backup system.

I don't generate a lot of documents or data daily, so being a month out of date is not a big issue for me.... Thus my rather lax monthly backup schedule.


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