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This is the official website of DistroTube, a YouTube channel created by Derek Taylor (DT) that focuses on Linux tutorials, installations, reviews and news. Some of our areas of focus include tiling window managers, the command line, vim and emacs.

Exploring the Linux landscape with a passion for knowledge.

DistroTube (DT) is a YouTube channel started by me, Derek Taylor (also DT), in October 2017, where I initially focused on Linux distribution installations and reviews. As the channel grows and I mature in my role as a content creator, I am trying to spend more time on other Linux-related topics as well, including: app reviews, terminal and command line tutorials, desktop environment and window manager tutorials, Linux news and the occasional live stream event.


Videos by DistroTube

Videos exploring a wide range of topics involving the GNU/Linux operating system and free and open source software!

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Informative and instructive articles to further you along on your Linux journey!

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Move Your Home Folder To A Second Drive

Make Reinstalling Faster By Having Home On A Second Drive Note: You may want to drop into tty to perform the following to avoid any weird side effects from doing this within your graphical environment. Also, for this example we will assume that your partition is sdb1 (change this to the id of your drive!). Also, have a backup handy…just in case. Mount the new partition to /tmp: sudo mkdir /mnt/tmp

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The FOSS Code of Conduct

THE FOSS CODE OF CONDUCT This code of conduct is written to guide an individual's choices and actions within the free and open source software (FOSS) community. This code will help one determine the purpose and the course of his work as well as his place as a member of this community. 1. THE ETHIC OF RECIPROCITY The most fundamental ethic is that of reciprocity–do unto others as they do unto you.

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Seven Thing To Avoid On Linux

Never do the following on Linux! New-to-Linux users often ask for advice on what NOT to do in Linux. The number of really bad things you do in Linux? That number is legion! But I will share seven things that you really should not do in Linux unless you have a darn good reason. Do not install third-party programs or scripts unless you absolutely trust the source. This includes adding random PPAs, installing obscure programs in the AUR, downloading and exectuing scripts you find on GitHub or GitLab, etc.

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